Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"What will survive of us is love." -Philip Larkin

Today I want to write a story, the story that is magical and sublime, the one which blends in your blood and mingles in your breath and reaches the heart where your hushed dreams live.

The one which makes you believe that some people are meant to be, against all odds and some promises are for keeps, forever and always.

Today I want to write a story, the story of silence of the stars and the night and the crescent moon, a silence that soothes and heals.

A story that is profound like the sea, and incessantly moving like the waves. The story of a girl with brown eyes and salty air in her hair and a boy with curly hair, collecting seashells for her.

Today I want to write a story, the story about life as I would have loved to know it, like a canvas of Picasso, which was destined to be a masterpiece.

The one which would be beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, would be emancipated, carefree and yet momentous.

Today I want to write a story about how many times the love is defined and still no word in the universe is ever able to define it.

The Love that is flawed yet pure, abundant yet wanting, stronger than the world’s conviction.

Love that becomes one with life and soul…. The one, which is eternal and infinite…