Friday, 13 September 2013

I'm a woman. phenomenally.

They ask for the dowry then for respect they yearn,
I try not to mind, but what breaks me more is their unconcern.

They raise their hand if their ego burn,
And expect I must not raise the voice in turn.

They say I must dress or behave in a certain way,
And at night in my house I must stay,

They say it's my fault if someone rapes,
They give to the truth a distorted shape,

It's sad to know certain things doesn't change,
And to live in such society I am beyond words ashamed,

But I am no more helpless neither want to play blame game,
I will raise my head and voice to be the much needed change.

P.S.: Though the heroes need not be proclaimed & the stuff that they are made of will not be any less without recognition, this is a small effort to pay tribute to the forgotten unsung heroes - The women of today.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

As it was!

The smell of trees and salt and smoke,
Of childhood days,
Of the days spent collecting seashells and writing the name on damp sand
Of watching the sky meeting the sea and the big orange ball of the sun sinking in water slowly taking away crimson color with it,
Of the days spent chasing butterflies in the park,
Of the walks on pavement holding hands of parents
Of being swung high into the air and squealing with laughter, begging for more
Of playing hide-and-seek and scared to go to vacant house because someone said it was haunted
Of delight on seeing the favourite sweet dish on dinner table,
Of taking handful of chocolates on finding a packet by chance,
Of dancing in the rain and playing with little umbrella
Of crying over scrapped knees and wounds which never hurt.
Of crayons and color books
Of running with pinwheels and kites
Of innocence and carefree giggles
Of pure love and life :-)

There are no days more full than those we go back to
-  Colum McCann, Zoli.