Friday, 13 September 2013

I'm a woman. phenomenally.

They ask for the dowry then for respect they yearn,
I try not to mind, but what breaks me more is their unconcern.

They raise their hand if their ego burn,
And expect I must not raise the voice in turn.

They say I must dress or behave in a certain way,
And at night in my house I must stay,

They say it's my fault if someone rapes,
They give to the truth a distorted shape,

It's sad to know certain things doesn't change,
And to live in such society I am beyond words ashamed,

But I am no more helpless neither want to play blame game,
I will raise my head and voice to be the much needed change.

P.S.: Though the heroes need not be proclaimed & the stuff that they are made of will not be any less without recognition, this is a small effort to pay tribute to the forgotten unsung heroes - The women of today.

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