Tuesday, 7 May 2013

FoReVer :-)

At the horizon where the earth meet skies,
Under the pouring waters of the darkest clouds where the children splash water and giggle and play,
On the terrace on a beautiful starry night when the moon shines with all its might and our moon lit faces glow bright,
On a serene and quiet avenue where the shades of trees soothe our spirits,
On a powder white sand, besides a turquoise blue sea, not another soul in sight and loud waves moving seamlessly against one another drenching our soul,
On a cloudy day while driving on a highway, savoring the whiff of wet sand, while music fills our heart and we hum the tunes of our favorite songs,
On a silent evening on a little grassy hill when the sun spreads multitude of colours purple, crimson, blue and yellow,
Where the heaven falls,
When the day illuminates the night, When the stars shine bright and the waves rise high to reconcile with the sky
We will hold each other and walk together on the paths of life to watch this happen eternally and forever. :-) :-)

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