Saturday, 3 August 2013

The maze of my stargaze *^_^*

Lets borrow some beautiful innocent dreams from the castles of sand.
Some unsaid but unforgettable stories that some traveller lived far away from home.
Some twinkling light from fireflies that never fades, we shall preserve it in our eyes. Okay?
Lets borrow the smile from that carefree shepherd sleeping under the banyan tree.
The loud calmness of that waterfall,

The music of early morning prayers in temples during winter.
Lets borrow a tear of a concern from the eyes of a lady whose man left her to fight for his motherland.
The warmness of bear hug and oversized sweaters.
Lets borrow those innocent lies that never hurt.
Lets borrow the smell of rain after first showers of rain, lets wear it as a perfume forever.
Lets borrow the pride and happiness of a winner. We will flaunt it with the twinkle in our eyes.
Lets borrow the story that meant for life long and then another story that is a bit longer...

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