Saturday, 3 January 2015

A walk by faith

With all the little stars shining in my eyes;
I expectantly gaze towards the skies.

The moon is alluring pure and bright;
And the wind is blowing softly slight.

I wonder if I will ever get to know;
That this way is the right direction to go?

I wonder if it is acceptable to all;
Even if like me, they don't know their inner call!

I wonder what if on the way I get lost;
What if the whole lifelong it will cost?

What if I will never find my way?
What if my dreams will keep me at bay?

What if I will never know what it feels;
When a spellbinding world, the true love reveals.

I wonder will these winds of time;
Take me ever to my silver line?

Then about all those times I think;
When I thought my boat is about to sink.

How you, in time, took me to the shore;
And loved me, selflessly to the core.

How you guided me, on every crossroad;
And relieved me of, every burdening load.

My doubts and anxiety all together cease,
I feel so light and so much at peace.

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