Monday, 10 August 2015

Believe :)

Laughter turn to smile,
as the time flies.
And Your widespread wings,
this time gradually tie.

Hopes turn to dreams,
hushed in corner of hearts.
As the bright day ends,
and the night starts.

The light at the end of the tunnel,
seems so far and dim.
And the silent tears,
don't even let you scream.

Seek him,
in that moment of despair.
He is with you,
though you can see him nowhere.

It seems,
not much for you he cares.
But every bit of your pain,
with you he shares.

He gives you reason to smile,
and makes you strong.
He is mending your wings,
so that you can fly for long.

He will nourish your dreams,
enough to turn them real.
He will end the night,
to mark beautiful day's arrival.

He will guide you on your journey,
with that little light.
He doesn't let you scream,
to prove that you can fight.

So believe that he IS,
with you in all ways.
And listen with all your heart,
everything that he says.

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